Car Rental -After the Ship has Docked

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The thought of renting a car can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Excitement occurs with you think about getting to drive a new-to-you car that you don’t have to make payments on. A car that is most often some make or model that is a step up from what you have at home in your driveway or garage. Exciting in the fact that you don’t have to clean it out when you are done.
Somewhat scary is the fact that you are responsible for a car that is not yours. A little nerve racking to think that a scratch or a ding will have to be attended to. You, on your own car, can sometimes walk away from a wayward scratch or ding put on by a runaway shopping cart or the door of someone who has decided to park a bit too close in a parking lot.
These are two valid points to ponder when you rent a car during an out of town trip or vacation.
But fear not! Cars are rented by the thousands, probably millions every single day at airports around the world. So the car rental companies probably have every angle covered to get you on your way quickly and safely. After all they want their car back to rent to the next businessman or family.


First, get your rental reservation done from home before you leave on your trip. This will save valuable time and an immeasurable amount of frustration at the car rental counter. car rental
It truly is very easy to rent a car. Of course it can be done online with ease and confidence if you have rented cars before. But if this is your first time to rent a car, you might be put more at ease if you were to call a car rental company direct and set up your rental.
When you call you can get all your questions answered. How much will it cost is the most basic question. But there are other pitfalls you might watch out for.
Some car rental companies will give you a set number of miles you can drive, but if you go over that number you may be charged a rate of say 5 to 50 cents per mile over that first basic amount. That may not sound like much—but miles add up and so to those charges! So ask if unlimited miles are available with your rental.

Rental Insurance

A big charge that may be added to your rental is for insurance. Now this is subjective. Are you a good driver? Do you tend to be a dent and ding sponge? Is it winter with icy snowy roads? These things should be taken into account when you accept or decline the insurance. It is a good idea, if you have your own car and insurance, to call you insurance company and see if your coverage will cover you when you rent a car. If so, and you do have a mishap with a rental you will only be liable for whatever your deductible would be on your own insurance policy.
But if you feel safer, by all means buy the car rental insurance. That way, no matter what happens to the car you rent—a ding to a major event—you just walk away without any financial concerns—in regards to the car. The car rental insurance, in most cases will not cover your liability if any accident is found to be your fault.

Gas- Refill yourself or not?car rental gas

The last thing in renting a car is the gas. You will be given the rental with a full tank of gas. Hooray you say. But of course there is a catch. You must return the car with the fuel tank full. If you don’t stop and fill it up before you return it the rental company will fill it and bill your credit card. The rental company will charge a HUGE price for this. After all they have to pay for the gas and pay for the guy to go and fill it up. You could be looking at gas that could be several dollars more than what it could have cost you. So take a few minutes to stop and fill the tank before returning the car.
Be credit ready to rent a car. You will not be able to rent a car without valid credit or debit card. Not just that, but you must have enough credit or money in your account to cover the charges that you will occur for the rental. Most important be aware that when you pick up your car those charges will be posted to your account using up those funds. This means that you will have that much less showing in your account or credit on your credit card. Why is this of interest? Because you don’t want to rent a car with your last available credit and then get to your hotel and to find you card is declined because the car rental company has a hold on you funds. Be sure you can afford everything you plan for on your trip. From food to hotel to car rental all the way to that irresistible bright lime green t-shirt with a picture of your family on it.
Adding a car rental to your plans is fast, easy and exciting. It just take some planning and knowledge. Before long you can do it with no hassles and the confidence of a seasoned traveler.